Large Spindle Bore & High Speed Lathe
Quality - Reliability - Longevity
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with (5) MB-Series Large Spindle Bore lathes
and (2) MA-series High Speed lathes
One Lehigh Oil Country lathe with 9” spindle bore has been working here in this hydraulic repair shop for more than 10 years.
American Hose & Hydraulics Inc. is a full service machine shop which provides quality hydraulic and industrial hose services in New Jersey, New York & Connecticut.  
The company has a great reputation for speedy services with quality repair jobs in relating to hydraulic cylinders, motors and pumps that are widely used in all kinds of industrial sections. Needless to say, this would be one of the best places to witness tons of metal lathe work as any job shop, hydraulic shop or repair shop.
Hollow spindle lathe with 9” spindle bore and double chucks.
Oil country lathe with 6” bore and double chucks
Large spindle bore oilfield lathe with double chuck system.
Since the year of 2005, this company purchased (5) Lehigh MB-33x120 & MB-33x160 oil country lathes with 6” and 9” large spindle bore and double chuck system for many hydraulic cylinder & shaft works for every day production.
High performance infinitely variable speed lathes with inverter drive
High  speed inverter lathe
Variable speed lathe
Hi-speed metal cutting lathe
They also ordered (2) Lehigh MA-2500 series high speed lathes for various small repair jobs. This hydraulic machine shop provides services including fabrications of all types of machine parts, various components of the regular machines as well as heavy hydraulic equipment widely used in the industry.
A view from this hydraulic repair machine shop with multiple large spindle bore lathes from Lehigh MB-3300 Series with double chuck system.
The following is the review and testimonial from Mr. Tony Alvarez:
There are seven (7) Lehigh lathes purchased by our company in last ten years, among which we have (5) Lehigh MB-33"x 120" or MB-33"x160" oil country lathes with 6" or 9" large spindle bores and double chuck system. We also have two small MA-2500 series high speed lathes. 
The machining performance in a large machine shop like ours is very important to our productions thanks to Lehigh's machine quality, reliability and longevity. 
When it comes to obtaining quality replacement maintenance parts, Steven and his team from Lehigh Industrial Machinery offer knowledgeable support of our various lathe models, to assist in obtaining the right replacement parts in a timely manner. Just as we’d expect from a quality machine company. 
When the time comes we will not hesitate to purchase another lathe from them, based on our positive experience.

Tony Alvarez  

General Manager
American Hose & Hydraulics
700 21st Avenue
Paterson, NJ 07513