Before buying a wheel straightening machine several years ago I did a lot of research.  I chose the Lehigh
machine because of the durable design, features and accessories.  It has been a workhorse for us and an
extremely reliable machine.  Any time we have a question, we receive excellent and timely support from
the owner Stephen.  You will not go wrong buying a Lehigh machine - this machine is a MONEY MAKER! 

Carson Calton
City Tire Service
Hendersonville, NC
My first machine purchase the SR-2410 rim straightener, was back in 2005 followed by the MR-2540 CNC Lathe in 2006. Lehigh Machines dependability and quality can’t be beat. The short time these machines use to complete their tasks, has made us far more profitable than anything I have ever seen on the market since. Steven has always been available to answer questions and knows his product inside and out. I don’t see how a shop can function without these two machines.

Bob Jones
Interior Wheel Repair Ltd
Kelowna, BC

We bought our first Lehigh in 2004, when we got busier we added a second in 2013. We run two shifts 5 days a week, and both machines are still going strong. If there is ever a problem, I just call Steven and majority of the time we get the machine back up the same day with local parts, if not Steven has a part sent out right away. Always thanks for Lehigh's help.

Paul Myers
Wheels America
Houston, TX
The MR - 2540 has been an invaluable addition to our business. It’s simplicity to use matched with its superior finish can’t be matched. The support from Steven and the team at Lehigh has been fantastic. I highly recommend this machine to anyone who is serious about alloy wheel repair. 

Tom Wilkinson
Advanced Alloys
Melbourne, AU
We have had our Lehigh MR-2540 Alloy Wheel CNC lathe since the year of 2011 and have only changed a couple of service parts by far for which Steven & their team were always available to help and get us through quickly.

Lehigh provides not only top notch quality machines but also great services after the sale with expert customer's support. The MR-2540 alloy wheel CNC lathe is one of the most used and valued machine in our facility. We get customers on a daily basis with the top quality jobs that the MR-2540 alloy wheel CNC lathe provides and that also enhances our product standard that we set for the reminder of our work.

As always, Thanks for everything from Lehigh !

Rimedies Rim Repair, LLC