Wheel Repair CNC Machine 


Wheel Refinishing Lathe MR-2540/2940



  • Refinish up to 22" rim for MR-2540, 25" rim for MR-2940 or 30" rim for MR-3360
  • Automatic digitizing: 5 to 10 min. typical
  • Cutting time: 30 seconds per pass typical
  • Turn-key rim refinishing control
  • Conversational interface
  • Can be manually operated by hand wheels
  • High quality Meehanite casting
  • Precision ground ball-screws
  • Small foot print saves valuable shop space
  • Touch screen monitor
  • ​​​​Touch screen monitor
  • 4-way tool post
  • Pendant station
  • Built-in work light
  • Automatic Lubrication system
  • Coolant system 
  • Digitizing probe and ruby tipped stylus
  • PC based control
  • Main drive motor and inverter
  • DC servo motors on X & Z axis
  • Precision ball screws on X & Z axis
  • Sheet metal enclosure with sliding doors 

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Rim Lathe MR-2540
Rim Lathe MR-2540, Digitizing
Rim Refinishing Lathe, Machining
Rim Refinishing Lathe MR-2940