Lubrication System for Headstock Gear Box

All the rotations of the work piece on this CNC lathe are coming from the spindle movement, which is installed inside the headstock gearbox. In order to keep all the rotations running smoothly under designed speeds, all the bearing, gears, and shafts must be lubricated all the time in order to have extended working life. 
Lubrication of the headstock is provided through an oil-bathed circulation system with an oil pump working from the bottom of the headstock gear box which takes oil going up to the oil distribution block located at the top of the headstock. From there, the oil is distributed to all the main bearing and gear locations accordingly all the time so long as the oil pump is working.
Headstock gear box
  Oil Pump at bottom.
Oil distribution terminal
This is also an automatic oil system which provides all bearings, gears, shafts     inside headstock with constant oil lubrication (Mobile DTE Light Oil) in order to ensure the long working life for all components. Since the headstock gear box is made with heavy casting steel structure, all the oil will remain inside.
   Sight glass at front
Back view of headstock
Sight glass on the back side
Once again, it is very important to check and verify of the automatic oil system is fully functional inside headstock on a regular basis, say ONCE A DAY !!!
From the front oil sight glass next to the lathe chuck (on the left hand side), you can monitor weather the oil is coming up after making a very quick spindle rotation under Manual mode. This test should be carried out every day before cutting any wheel in the beginning of the working shift to make sure that the oil pump is fully functional whenever the spindle is running.
Once a week, you should check and verify the oil lever from the sight glass on the back side of the headstock (see above pictures). The normal oil lever should be very close to the center line of that sight glass as shown.
It is recommended to replace the headstock oil ONCE A YEAR based upon the regular running hours (40 working hours per week). Please make sure that only MOBILE DTE LIGHT Oil is used in the headstock. 
Due to the complexity of the headstock design and manufacturing process, any work related to the replacement of the components inside this headstock gear box, including the oil pump itself should be provided by professional machine repair specialists only.